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It started with a game

.... but playtime is over!


BFK Warzone began with aspirations to build the next great Web3 game which utilised the best elements of the blockchain alongside a highly compelling storyline with loveable characters and exciting and captive gameplay.  

Based on the current market enthusiasm for meme tokens and the clear message from the BFK community to be awarded a higher level of project control, the core team have decided that responsibility for marketing, community building and brand awareness will be passed to the community and the contract will be renounced by the core team so that BFK can be promoted by the community as a meme token.

In June 2024 these plans were finalised, the token taxes reduced to zero, and the contract renounced.  This move provides a clear opportunity to current and future holders of BFK to embrace the chance to take control of their own marketing destiny and put their creative talents to work to ensure the success of BFK.


Community projects rarely, if ever, use any kind of professional marketing agency and thus have zero marketing expenses outside the time committed by community members.  Each promotional “asset” (a picture, a video, a post, etc) is created by a member of the community and is not subject to any kind of approval process.  Depending on the person who creates it, it may be highly controversial, edgy, perhaps slightly offensive, often humorous, and sometimes very “time specific” so as its relevance may be days long and not weeks like a structured campaign.

Community marketing is about VOLUME of content.  It is about throwing “as much stuff at the wall as you can and seeing what sticks”.  The aim of the game is to post content which is well received by friends and highly shareable and the more posts made the better.  Each member of the community is jointly responsible for generating brand awareness for BFK Warzone in their own way.  Some will have a desire and a talent for creating unique, humorous, interesting, and shareable images and videos which can be initially posted by them but also used by any like-minded community member either by sharing or by copying those assets from a community server (which has been set up for you by the Core Team).  Other members may post commentary or “shilling” within their own networks to generate awareness.  

Most if not all community projects begin their lives with zero assets and every single piece of content needs to be built from scratch by the community.  This is not the case with BFK Warzone as the Core Team has provided a huge amount of professionally designed and built assets for the community to use.







Hailing from the frozen tundras, Armis’ harsh upbringing forged him into a survival expert. His keen tracking skills and cold determination make him an invaluable scout and a feared opponent in close combat. He has steady hands and a sharp eye that makes him a lethal sniper.



Raised in an industrial city, Dongo developed a passion for mechanics and engineering. His innovative designs and quick fixes keep the army's vehicles and machinery operational, often turning the tide in critical moments.



Growing up near a military base, Kocken was fascinated by heavy artillery. His expertise in operating and maintaining these powerful weapons earned him the moniker "Typhoon," as he devastates enemy fortifications with precision.



Raised in a coastal village, Lesley witnessed pirates devastate her hometown, instilling a fierce sense of justice. She joined the navy, rising quickly through the ranks with her strategic brilliance and unyielding dedication to protecting the innocent. She loves to blow things up!



A reclusive marksman from the dense taiga, Scopic joined the army after his village was overtaken by insurgents. His ability to move silently through the jungle and strike from afar makes him a deadly presence on the battlefield.



A compassionate soul from a long line of doctors, Renkop joined the military to bring aid to the front lines. His dedication to saving lives, even in the midst of chaos, makes him a beacon of hope for his comrades.


Investors rarely, if even, get an opportunity to be involved in a low cap meme token with an established community of committed holders as well as a library of resources for meme creation.  Today there are too many projects around which are launching as meme projects but without equipping the creative members of the community with some visual assets they are destined to fail. BFK Warzone is different!

The contract is not only renounced, but it has been audited by Certik who are one of the leading blockchain audit firms and have been in business for many successful years.  There are no trading taxes on buys or sells so every cent of your investment is going where it is supposed to go.  A myriad of assets has been provided in a shared folder for all members of the community to use as a kick start to get the creative juices flowing and provision has also been made for community members to have a dedicated place to share their own creations.  Not only that, a professional marketing strategy document has been provided for all to reference to help "creative non marketers" understand what drives a meme project's success.

When the money flows from ETH to ALTs in 2024/25 there will be an even bigger rise in meme token values and BFK Warzone has the community support, the resources, and the creativity to be one of the biggest ones.

Its all up to the holders.  Get building and get posting! 

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